Printing on Demand

printing on demand with versant 80 press

Tired of keeping a big stock? Printing on demand will reduced your printing cost. At the same time your materials are always up to date and delivery is always on schedule. Besides, you can have your own customize postcards or booklets for your business or for your love ones.

Our Fuji Xerox Versant 80 Press  is a high quality printer that allows us do your printing on demand projects. Consequently it will solve the problem of having print as a mass production. In which we are able to do your printing in the smallest number of orders that you need. This printing on demand process is ideal for technical manuals, sales and product sheets. As well as brochures, catalogs, newsletters, booklets and any printed items that need to be updated frequently and not taking up your warehouse storage space.

You can have custom made posters and entrance tickets for your small events that require a soft promotion. As a result it is very helpful to control your budget. You can design your own personalized family calendar to send to your loved ones without having to do a printing set of a large number of copies. After a memorable trip, wedding or birthday party all photos that you have taken can be presented in a nice looking photo book. Furthermore you can choose either hard or soft cover with glossy or matte finish and will be able to pass it on as a personal gift or souvenir.

Our Versant 80 Press can print as fast at 80 ppm, on many different media types. Due to it can print from 60 GSM up to a thickness of 350 GSM on a maximum of 13”x 26” sized paper. This means we are able to do printing on envelopes, labels, glossy or matte including textured paper. Special material such as metallic shimmer skin, synthetics, leather fabric and much more.

You only have to order what you need when you need it. Changes are fast, easy and inexpensive with our printing on demand service.

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