Embossing Effect

embossing effect on business card

A plain graphic design might not give enough of a wow factor on your printing materials. The embossing effect on the graphic print is a great way to simply create a striking 3D look on it. As a result, it will definitely grab the viewer’s attention. The embossing effect is just a simple technique of […]

Hot Foil Stamping

hot foil stamping on menu cover

Whenever first-class printing results are needed, hot foil stamping is usually the simplest method. Also known as foil stamping or foil embossing, hot foil stamping is probably the most economical method of marking good looking products in the best quality.  It is a dry printing process which engraves images into the material using heat. Hence […]

Map Design

puripunn map design

Generally speaking, the map design is uniquely selective. They show what their creators intend to show with a clear objective as well as messages. Our map design is made to present what our customers want the viewers to remember most. Be it famous landmarks or simple navigation. Therefore, we correspond this with a few primary […]

3D Design

bedroom 3d design

Often times people have difficulties visualizing displays or decorations for their shops or restaurants. We use a combination of our skills and designing tools to present and illustrate solutions for our customers. “SketchUp” is one of the 3D design tools that we use for creating 3D effects. A three dimension drawing is usually easier to […]

Softcover Book (hot glue pressed)

softcover book (printing chiang mai)

A softcover book is also known as paperbacks. It is light and easy to carry and ship out. In addition, it is a popular choice for printing pocketbooks, annual reports, fieldwork report, self-written novels and reprinting older books, etc. A softcover book is usually printed on thick paper covers, pressing together with hot glue on […]

Packaging design

jewelry box design

Packaging designing is one of our ongoing design goals. Our aim is that each packaging design is not only to inform the consumers what flavor or color it is. We also try to include expressions, feelings, and emotions to attract their attention. We use natural materials to explore sustainable living in some packaging design. Some […]


web design mockup for BP

Do you need a web design for your personal profiles or a website for small to medium businesses? Our web design team can create a proper and functional site just for you. Web design used to be built with Flash and Dream Weaver. However, these were made more for webmasters rather than common users. Using […]