Softcover Book (hot glue pressed)

softcover book (printing chiang mai)

A softcover book is also known as paperbacks. It is light and easy to carry or ship out. It is a popular choice for printing pocket books, annual reports, fieldwork report, self-written novels and reprinting older books etc.

The softcover book is usually print on thick paper covers, pressing together with hot glue on the spine of the inner stack. In which this binding process is quite fast. As a matter of fact, we suggest using this technique when the project has not much of time.

Since the cost of making hard cover books is fairly high, softcover book is a great option if you don’t need to release your book with a large investment. As well as do not expect it to be a major production.

The finishing of the cover can also make in the same way as a hardbound book. Uniquely adding a spot UV or hot foil stamping effect will be a very special custom made for it.

Below are examples of softcover book projects we have finished. These were made with different paper materials for example stock (both matte and glossy) and recycled paper.


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