Softcover Book (hot glue pressed)

softcover book (printing chiang mai)

A softcover book is also known as paperbacks. It is light and easy to carry or ship out. It is a popular choice for printing pocket books, annual reports, fieldwork report, self-written novels and reprinting older books etc. The softcover book is usually print on thick paper covers, pressing together with hot glue on the spine of […]

Packaging design

jewelry box design

Packaging design is one of our ongoing design goals. We aim that each of the packaging design not only to inform the consumers what flavor or color it is. It also expresses feelings and emotions as well as the materials to attract their attention. Some designs use natural materials to explore the visual and also give a touch of sustainable […]

Hardcover Book (with sewn binding)

hardcover book printing chiang mai

Truly, a hardcover book gives the book a much higher value. Especially is much more durable than most paperbacks (softcover) books. Firstly we make the book cover out of cardboard.  Then print images or graphic on paper (Image Wrap), cloth or sometimes leather. Giving a smooth and sophisticated effect, our Image Wrap covers feature a […]