Hardcover Book

hardcover book printing chiang mai

Truly, a hardcover book gives the book a much higher value. Especially is much more durable than most paperbacks (softcover) books.

Let’s go back to the good old school hardcover book!

Firstly we make the cover out of cardboard.  Then print images or graphic on paper (Image Wrap), cloth or sometimes leather. Giving a smooth and sophisticated effect, our Image Wrap covers feature a shiny UV coating that is applied on spot locations of the matte finish. You can also have a Dust Jacket cover with front and back flaps and some printing on the spine.

Both Dust Jacket and Image Wrap books will have end sheets (the pages glued to the inside of the front and back cover and form the first and last unprinted pages of your book). Our end sheets are available in a variety of shades to give a unique look, and some have a soft texture so that your books feel comfortable and nice in your hands.

Here are some examples of the book printing projects we have finished. These include menus for hotels and restaurants as well as yearbooks for schools and larger companies.

feel free to let us have your requirements