Logo Design

sketching for a logo design

Our logo design is based on the principle of simplicity. It allows an easy recognition and features something unique without being overdrawn. Following closely behind this principle, the logo design must be memorable and timeless.

Logo design is not just a mark. A meaningful logo represents a business’s commercial brand via the use of shapes, fonts, colors, and images. It should be used to inspire trust and recognition for a company or product. Therefore it is our job as designers to create a logo that will do its job.

You just merely let us know about your business background, target audiences, geographical location and color scheme. Hence we could possibly come up with something that you like. And if you could give us more of your preferences such as font types, additional symbolic, shape and tag line? We would definitely be able to offer you a better result. As soon as we receive your requirement. We will create a few initial designs for you to select as a first step. This is normally taking approximately 3-4 working days. Once you have chose the one that you like. We will continue working on it until you are happy with the final design. Furthermore we can also help suggesting how to apply the logo for. The finished file will be in various printable formats that you can either print it in-house or let us do the print job for you.

As for your reference, here are a few logo designs we made for our customers

feel free to let us have your requirements