Packaging design

jewelry box design

Packaging designing is one of our ongoing design goals. Our aim is that each packaging design is not only to inform the consumers what flavor or color it is. We also try to include expressions, feelings, and emotions to attract their attention.

We use natural materials to explore sustainable living in some packaging design. Some of them we create in a compact form which is easy to use and to carry. Once we finish the design, we come up with a mock-up of each package to make sure it works properly. Usually, this process is done by hand.

When the print outs are ready, we order a custom-made blade (line-cut) to cut them into flat pieces. We then hand score (sometimes using the machine) or fold and form them up. A package should simply show how custom-made it is, rather than mass production.

Effective package designs must stay easy to print and produce. In addition to that, it must look attractive, impressive and nice to display.

Below are examples of our package design and printing projects. These include packaging for coffee beans, custom made shopping bags, boxes for health and beauty products, etc. Moreover, we have created boxes that are drop-safe. This means fragile objects like glass vials for essential oils can be packed and delivered worry-free.

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