Embossing Effect

embossing effect on business card

A plain graphic design might not give enough of a wow factor on your printing materials. The embossing effect on the graphic print is a great way to simply create a striking 3D look on it. As a result, it will definitely grab the viewer’s attention.

The embossing effect is just a simple technique of pushing one side of the paper so it pops out on the other side. However, the final engraved look you get will give an elegant and luxurious impression. The embossing effect is usually done on paper and can be applied to images and text on logos or icons. Furthermore, this technique can be combined with other finishing processes, such as die cutting, letterpress or spot UV. Another technique that can be added is hot foil stamping. The hot foil stamping is a process where we apply an area of metallic foil, usually silver or gold colored, to paper or boards. This combination is often used for logos and bold fonts on business cards, brochures, and letterheads.

Below are some examples of our embossing work projects. As shown, each embossing effect was done on a different paper material (smooth, rough, semi-gloss or matt, etc.). Not only can we emboss on name cards, but on book covers, presentation folders, catalogs, adhesive labels and on metallic foil as well.

Give your graphic prints a facelift. Try the embossing effect.

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