brand identiry design for a stationary mockup

This family themed bar & restaurant is located at the first Night Safari in Chiang Mai. While it was under construction, we had an opportunity to work with the interior designers to come up with its brand identity at the very beginning.

The idea behind this brand identity design was “Adventurous fun with an African touch”. Most probably it was a very strait forward concept to design the logo. Since it’s the name of the restaurant, Giraffe was the main character for us to begin with. We took a lot of giraffe pictures there at the restaurant and search through available stock photos on internet.

Firstly we have found that the pattern on giraffe skin is so spectacular. Therefore we then first started with creating the vector graphic of its skin. Consequently the giraffe skin pattern has been planing to complement the print designs, visual elements and much of other objects. Secondly the colors that we choose must represent sandy and dry geographic for the color scheme through out the design process. Finally the combination of the first two elements and letter “G” has put together with the tag line. The logo was finished in less than a week. Hence it’s done we continued to design the stationary, banners, menus and other promotional materials.

Here are some examples of the designs. They include the logo, name cards, car stickers, leaflets, PVC member cards and etc. The restaurant is still up and running successfully until today. It aims for tourist groups, families and locals. Giraffes are walking freely around the restaurant as well as deer. They allow people to feed and touch the animals while the rest of the groups can enjoy their meals. Guests can continue to explore the Night Safari after dark.

Seem like it is one of our successful brand identity designs.


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